Does a gasket-mount keyboard make any difference for gaming?

Does a gasket-mount keyboard make any difference for gaming?

by Canyon Phil on May 31, 2023

Keyboard mounting styles can be tricky. They are even trickier if you’re about to create a gaming setup that will act as your secret behind-the-screen weapon. One way to make it more ‘lethal’ for your opponents than nukes is to get a gasket-mount keyboard.

A gasket-mount keyboard under the microscope

Imagine a keyboard that is not just a flat CNC-machined piece with keys slapped onto it. Nestled between its frames and plate lies a silicone gasket that brings the components together. There are no screws – unlike top-mount keyboards – so friction is eliminated between parts and the plate.


Simply put, silicone gaskets connect the board’s core components without screws or other metal hardware. They don’t form another layer in a multi-layer gaming keyboard, so it doesn’t get any bulkier. The gaskets are invisible in an assembled board and make the overall build unburdened.

A gasket-mount keyboard can be as transformative for a gaming experience as a 4K monitor and an ultra-responsive mouse

But what does this mean for gaming?

Picture this: your latest encounter makes you fully immersed in the virtual battlefield. Suddenly, you are distracted by a cacophony of clacks and thuds echoing through the room. Your heart sinks as you realize your mechanical keyboard is as loud as a July 4 fireworks display.


Gasket-mount keyboards are created to save the day. Unlike tray-mount and top-mount boards that can sound like a stampede of wild horses, gasket-enhanced keyboards dampen the sound of each keystroke. With silicone pieces right where the board’s parts meet, they absorb and isolate the impact of your keystrokes. For a video gamer, this noise-canceling magic means fewer distractions and stealthier late-night gaming sessions.


Gasket-mount keyboards also nail it on the tactile front. Silicone gaskets are like cushions for hitting keys. With every press, you are greeted with a satisfying bounce and soft landing as the plate can flex to respond to your hits. This enhanced feel redefines your overall typing and gaming experience without fatigue (especially if you use ultra-responsive keycaps for your setup).


Besides reduced clutter and naturally smooth bouncing, gasket-mount keyboards house additional moisture protection. The silicone material doesn’t let moisture in if your gaming sessions are so intense that you’re breaking a sweat. This safeguards the plate, switches, and other components to give you an amazingly resistant board for a lifetime.

A gasket-mount keyboard can be as transformative for a gaming experience as a 4K monitor and an ultra-responsive mouse

Top-performing gasket-mount keyboards

Screw-free mounting styles make it harder to design gaming keyboards, which accounts for fewer than an abundance of options available on the market. But brands that do go for gaskets won’t fail to amaze you.


A98 Pro and A98 Pro II are top-of-the-range gasket-mount keyboards created by Dareu. Their silicone gaskets staunchly muffle the noise as you strike the keys while elevating your typing experience with high-precision switches.


If you want something more affordable, Dareu Z82 is a gasket-mount keyboard that won’t hit your budget. It is sure to flaunt its PBT keycaps and exclusive linear switches to boost your gaming experience.


Do you gravitate toward other keyboards? Leave a comment to share what you prefer for your gaming sessions.

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