Pudding keycaps 101

Pudding keycaps 101

by Canyon Phil on May 31, 2023

Pudding keycaps knocked on the door of the gaming world and charmed it faster than light. And they are now here to stay until they adorn your keyboard. While their top parts are covered to make your keystrokes comfortable, these add-ons feature a translucent underside and walls that glow and illuminate your keys for a look that screams modern.

But that’s not all. Pudding keycaps also offer increased durability, accuracy, and reaction time for an improved gaming experience.

Wondering if you should get your hands on them? In this blog post, we will discuss why these color-enhancing caps have become gamers’ obsession and why investing in a set can be your best gaming move.

Pudding keycaps let you luxuriate in soft light and enhance style while discreetly taking care of your fingers

Pudding keycaps magnify RGB lighting

If you haven’t heard about the sensation, you’re better off perking up your ears. Pudding keycaps are translucent and boast an eye-catching backlit effect. They create a super-bold, beautiful look on your keyboard and come in white and black colors, so you can pick a set that best complements your computer setup and makes it look like a gaming dream.

Pudding caps are made in a way that provides multiple layers of color, allowing your RGB lighting to show through more vibrantly. Their unique angles and slopes direct more light upwards, increasing visibility as you play or pause to drink it all in. This allows you to find the right buttons faster when in the heat of battle.

Pudding keycaps coddle your fingers

There is more than just visual appeal – pudding caps are packed with performance advantages, too. Featuring a soft-touch surface, they impart supreme comfort while you are playing.

Thanks to the concave design and contoured shape of pudding caps, your fingers are not subjected to strain, which can lead to various symptoms of tiredness. The caps reduce finger fatigue to let you play for longer. Besides, your keyboard doesn’t get slippery when sweaty fingertips enter the equation, ensuring no more slipping off your keys mid-game.

What’s even more impressive is that pudding keycaps never fade or wear out over time, no matter how much typing or gaming you do. They are also significantly quieter than other keycaps.

Pudding keycaps let you luxuriate in soft light and enhance style while discreetly taking care of your fingers

Pudding keycap materials: PBT vs. ABS

PBT pieces are more expensive than the alternative ABS material but offer better overall performance, maintain brighter colors, and last longer. They are for gamers who are hardcore typists since their thicker shell is second to none for resistance.

On the other hand, ABS pudding keycaps are more affordable. They still offer the same pudding look you love but can be prone to going out over time due to their thinner shell. This won’t affect the performance of your keys too much, though.

Wrapping it up

Installing pudding caps is as easy as pie. All you need to do is remove the existing caps from your keyboard and nestle the new ones.

No doubt, pudding keycaps are among the hottest hacks to elevate your keyboard. With them, you will surely take delight in your upgraded rig’s form and function.

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