5 Features to consider when upgrading to a transparent mechanical keyboard

5 Features to consider when upgrading to a transparent mechanical keyboard

by Canyon Phil on Aug 08, 2023

Ever wanted to look under the hood of your console? A transparent mechanical keyboard lets you do that – but in keyboard terms. If you’re in the market for a product that visually guides you through the magic happening with every keystroke, here are 5 must-have features to consider.

Transparent mechanical keyboard should have LED backlighting for visibility

Some keyboards are chock-full of LEDs under each keycap, while others have a single LED strip along the back to illuminate the entire assembly. But remember, individual lighting provides the most customization options since you can set different colors for each key. Yet, an LED strip still glows brightly and is often more affordable.

No matter which you choose, the casing of a transparent mechanical keyboard allows vibrant colors to shine through, creating a dazzling display that will make your keyboard the focal point of any gaming rig. In addition to visibility for low-light conditions, LED backlighting sets up an exciting ambiance for late-night gaming marathons or dance parties.

Swappable switches for customization

These are often overlooked but are fantastic to have in a transparent mechanical keyboard. Swappable switches enable you to change your switches whenever you want to try something new or different. Bored with your linear reds? Pop them out to have a ready-to-go installation spot for browns or blues. You can mix and match different switch types for your perfect combination.

Compact layout for convenience

A layout is essential for a transparent mechanical keyboard. After all, you want a clean, minimalist look – not a clunky beast of a keyboard.

Try a 60%, 65%, or 75% layout, which ditches the number pad and excess keys for a streamlined design. The 60%, in particular, is ultra-compact, including the alpha, modifiers, and arrow keys. For those who still want arrow and navigation keys, a 65% or 75% is ideal. Any of these sizes will let beautiful transparent components and lighting effects sparkle gloriously.

A transparent mechanical keyboard is an amazing upgrade for gaming rigs

Gasket mount for more enjoyable experience

Rather than soldering switches directly to the keyboard plate, gasket-mounted boards have foam pads or rubber gaskets between the plate and PCB. This creates a softer, bouncier feel with each press.

Gaskets absorb excess sound and vibration, making transparent mechanical keyboards quiet. The sound-dampening effect allows you to enjoy the tactile feedback without loud clicking.

Extras that matter

To get the most in terms of stability, durability, and flexibility of your transparent mechanical keyboard, look for these extras:

  • Double-shot PBT keycaps. They are praised for crisp, clear legends that don’t rub off. PBT plastic is inherently more durable than ABS used in cheaper keycap sets. Such keycaps don’t develop a shine over time and have a textured feel.
  • Anodized aluminum case. Aluminum adds stability and durability without compromising the see-through design. Such a case keeps your keyboard firmly on your desktop, preventing sliding around or rocking back and forth as you energetically type away.

Whether you go for more extras or not, picking the right transparent mechanical keyboard can bring you gaming joy and add confidence to the way you play. All your best keywords are now under the same roof at Dareu.

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