Best mechanical keyboards to buy in 2023: Overview

Best mechanical keyboards to buy in 2023: Overview

by Canyon Phil on Aug 08, 2023

We all need different keyboards. But whatever your preferences, there are key peculiarities that make a great product stand out from the rest in the category. Let’s look at the best mechanical keyboards to buy in 2023 and pinpoint the winning options. We’ve handpicked keyboards by overall quality, customization, and durability to identify your win-win.

A81 – The best mechanical keyboard to buy if you are on a budget

The A81 is one of Dareu’s most affordable mechanical keyboards, which is perfect if you can’t lash out tons of money but still want a top-quality experience. The A81 has a stylish minimalist black or white design that complements any desktop. It lacks flashy RGB backlighting and some other features of Dareu’s higher-end keyboards but provides a solid typing platform with robust keycaps and top-tier stabilizers. The keys feel substantial, and the keyboard has no flex, even during intense gaming or typing.

The verdict: The A81 is a decent find for budget-conscious users. Its switches, responsiveness, and design are worthy of being ranked among the best mechanical keyboards to buy for both work and play.

A98 Pro II – The delight for all gamers and typists

If you are a hardcore gamer (or a thriving book writer), the A98 Pro II was made for you. This full-sized keyboard is loaded with features any user will geek out over:

  • LED. The keyboard flaunts an illuminating LED feature that effortlessly keeps track of your power levels.
  • Swappable switches. You wouldn’t ask for more to customize your typing or gaming and feel cool about it.
  • Sturdiness. The A98 Pro II has a rigorous body and PBT keycaps. You’ll never experience flex or wobble, even when frantically mashing keys.
  • Connectivity. This mechanical keyboard ensures you can connect to multiple devices on the fly.
  • Sound absorption. While it’s been designed for a pleasant tactile feel, the A98 Pro II is also an upgraded version with sound-absorbing pads.

The verdict: From hot-swappable switches to the dampening feature, the A98 Pro II is rich in things that make it one of the best mechanical keyboards to buy today. It boasts everything a dedicated user could want.

Dareu is a computer gear brand behind the best mechanical keyboards to buy in 2023

Z82 – The one that handles everything

The new arrival called Z82 is on the list of the best mechanical keyboards to buy thanks to:

  • Extended compatibility. It works harmoniously with various mobile devices and can easily switch between Win/Mac or other platforms.
  • Sublimation PBT caps and advanced switches. Why not personalize your typing and say goodbye to greasy feelings and worn-out characters?
  • Worthwhile typing. Type softly and noise-free thanks to a real gasket experience, minimized internal keyboard cavities, and high-quality silicone pads.

The verdict: If you want a keyboard that can do it all, has all the features you seek, looks cute, and lasts for years, you can’t go wrong with the Z82.

You now have a compelling list of the best mechanical keyboards to buy for your rig. Any of these models would be an excellent choice, allowing you to experience the joy of tactile, responsive keys and premium build quality.

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