Transparent keyboards: A chic must-have for a gamer?

Transparent keyboards: A chic must-have for a gamer?

by Canyon Phil on May 31, 2023

Watching your gaming setup descend into something stodgy and bland is no fun. Yet, this is often the case for enthusiasts sticking with their favorite devices and hardware for years. If you can’t even remember the last time you updated your rig, here’s what can shake it up and wow you in style.


Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of transparent keyboards and uncovering why they are undeniably terrific for gaming rigs. Read on to visualize yours with a see-through board next to your monitor and mouse.

A transparent keyboard is often the only missing piece of the perfect computer setup puzzle

Visual awesomeness

How is a board you can barely see so eye-pleasing? The aesthetic side is of utmost importance for manufacturers of transparent keyboards since the look is always a hook.


Imagine a keyboard that reveals its inner workings, exposing an intricate touch and mesmerizing RGB lighting. It’s like peering into the heart of a slot machine, where the glowing keys add uniqueness to your gaming table. This translucent design creates a futuristic vibe that enhances the visual appeal of your rig, making it a real head-turner.


LED displays look way better with transparent keyboards than other styles. The colors are naturally bright and are reflected via the see-through design for a boosted appeal. If you want to see them glowing in action, take a look at the A98 Pro II transparent keyboard.

The magic of customization

Transparent keyboards inject an instant dose of customizable coolness into your gaming rig. The see-through nature of these boards allows you to showcase your creativity and individuality by switching up lighting effects and keycaps. You can even match your keyboard to the theme of your favorite game or let it stand out as a statement piece.


Day or night, your keyboard can glow in sync with the explosions, casting an ethereal glow as you dive into a dark dungeon. For this, you only need to connect RGB lighting to your gaming sessions and welcome that extra adrenaline rush for a 100% immersive experience.

A transparent keyboard is often the only missing piece of the perfect computer setup puzzle

Enjoy the sound of gaming, not keystrokes

It’s a common misconception that transparent keyboards are all about aesthetics at the cost of durability or annoyingly audible keystrokes. Despite the look being a spectacular attention-grabber, the inner workings of see-through boards can be of premium quality. They can be designed with spill-resistant materials, silicone gaskets, and extremely tough cases, so the build is as impressive as the cover.


Take A98 Pro II. With its gasket structure, PBT keycaps, and surface treatment, this board is thoughtfully protected from bearing the brunt of your gaming fury. It is a lasting addition to your gaming rig that muffles keystrokes and pampers your fingertips, not to mention how fabulous it looks.

Key takeaways

  • Transparent keyboards add a visually captivating element to your gaming setup. Because they are see-through, they are great for any style of hardware and decor.
  • The customizable nature of transparent boards empowers you to unblock any color enhancement ideas. With programmable RGB lighting, you can create an immersive experience to elevate your engagement as you play.
  • Transparent keyboards are NOT cheaply made to prioritize their look only. They are as durable as high-end mechanical boards preferred by professional gamers.
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