There’s something deeply satisfying about the feel and sound of mechanical switches

Understanding Mechanical Switches

by Canyon Phil on Sep 11, 2023

Mechanical switches are back with a bang. And it’s all about that sweet, tactile feedback. If you’ve been typing on mushy membrane keyboards your whole life, you’ve been missing out. Mechanical pieces offer a completely different story of responsive, clicky keys that make typing so pleasurable.

Whether you crave crisp clicks or buttery smoothness, explore these switches to uncover your ideal addition.

Types of mechanical switches explained

Mechanical keyboards are for people who care about the experience of using technology, not just the end results. They are for gamers, writers, coders, and anyone who understands that the little details matter.

Such keyboards use three primary categories of mechanical switches:

  • Linear: These slide up and down without any clicks. They’re super-smooth and seamless if you prefer a lighter touch.
  • Tactile: They let you feel a bounce about halfway through the key press, so you know when the key has been activated. The bounce goes without a distinct clack, though.
  • Clicky:These pieces take the next step and actually produce a clicking sound. It happens at the same point you feel the hit, confirming you’ve pressed the key.

There’s something deeply satisfying about the feel and sound of mechanical switches

Why mechanical switches outdo membranes

Mechanical options are all the rage for good reason. In addition to the physical mechanism under each key that brings a perceptible bang, here are three other benefits mechanical switches have over standard keyboards:

  1. Customization. They come with diverse ‘clickiness’ options that provide different levels of physical feedback. You can also replace individual switches to create a customized layout.
  2. Durability. They endure millions of keystrokes. They don’t start to feel unresponsive within years of intense use and last longer than a typical membrane mechanism.
  3. Style. They match your aesthetic, as they come in various retro and modern styles. Options like RGB backlighting, custom keycaps, and others allow you to show off your keyboard as a functional work of art.

The main point is that mechanical switches triumph over membrane keyboards in almost every way. They feel better, last longer, and look cooler.

There’s something deeply satisfying about the feel and sound of mechanical switches

Dareu’s top choices

You’ll be spoiled for choice with our mechanical wonders. Each of the boards boasts a unique feel for the discerning typist:

  • A104– This full-sized keyboard is perfect for those who don’t want to sacrifice the number pad. It features Dareu’s proprietary mechanical switches that contribute to a satisfying palpable bump with each key press. Its catchy design and elegant finish will complement any desktop.
  • A81– This is a beautiful wired arrangement that provides an unparalleled flexible feel. Its build ensures an extraordinary soft contact force. It boasts a cutting-edge stretch arm gasket structure, utterly devoid of a steel plate.
  • A87 Pro– Enter hot-swappable MX switches and the soft-bounce PC plate that allows for noise-free typing. It hits the spot for connectivity with mobile devices and can switch between settings in a wink.

Each of these options uses mechanical switches. Put them to the test to let your fingers fly across the keys with lightning speed and pinpoint precision.

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