Dareu is a brand name recognized for its keyboards, accessories, and upgrades, including keyboard switches

Where to buy keyboard switches

by Canyon Phil on Sep 12, 2023

Are you on the hunt for a premium switch upgrade? Of course you are! Who would say no to fantastic ergonomics at their fingertips while hearing elegant keys clacking? But where to buy keyboard switches – the highest-quality ones – that can seriously transform your experience?

Whether you’re building your first mechanical keyboard or completing your 50th customized one, Dareu should be your go-to source for upmarket switches and components. That’s where the all-encompassing selection, decent prices, and dedication to user comfort invite you to join the legions of satisfied PC users.

Dareu is a brand name recognized for its keyboards, accessories, and upgrades, including keyboard switches

Thinking WHERE to buy keyboard switches? Explore WHY Dareu’s instead

Dareu’s switches are available as snow-white or crispy blue pieces that boast a staggering lifespan of 80 million keystrokes and ensure unparalleled hitting precision. Crafted with top-of-the-line POK for the upper housing and core, they are the epitome of reliability. Using them, you can say goodbye to worries about wear as these switches are bulletproof.

With a press force of up to 50+/-5gf and well-thought-out press travel, Dareu’s keyboard switches deliver a seamless and responsive experience. To top it all off, the trapezoid lighting guide adds a touch of magic, making them incredibly effortless to use.

And did we mention all Dareu’s switches come with a 2-year limited warranty?

Dareu is a brand name recognized for its keyboards, accessories, and upgrades, including keyboard switches

The ultimate destination for keyboard switches

Hopping from one gear store to another while wondering where to buy keyboard switches is a waste of time. When you turn to Dareu for upgrades, you’re supporting an independent business serving avid gamers and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Here, your typing experience matters as much as your shopping experience.

Complimentary delivery

Spending $75 or more on your switches and other accessories? Dareu’s got you covered with costless shipping. There’s no need to factor high carrier rates into your budget. You can use that money to buy even more keyboard switches instead.

Exchange just in case

Are you concerned about getting stuck with keyboard switches you don’t love? Don’t be. Dareu supports you with a special 30-day period for your purchases. If your switches or other gear don’t meet your expectations, return them for an exchange. This allows you to try different pieces without risking your cash.

Your security in focus

Dareu uses SSL encryption for all payments made on the website. Your credit card information and identity-related details are always kept private and secure. You never have to worry about fraud or theft. While this may not be an apparent point to consider when looking where to buy keyboard switches, the security of shoppers’ data matters a lot.

Around-the-clock care

Do you have a question about a switch before you buy, or need help with your order? Dareu’s customer care team is available 24/7 to provide fast and friendly guidance. You’ll get a quick response from a human, not an automated bot.

Special deals

Dareu frequently runs sales and promotions, so check out our collections and social media for the latest deals. For modders and DIYers, we have individual switches that allow you to sample them – excellent if you’re trying to determine your ideal one.

So, if you’re obsessed with gear like we are and want to build the perfect custom keyboard, there’s no better place than Dareu. We are your answer to where to buy keyboard switches.

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