Is a custom mechanical keyboard worth the investment?

Is a custom mechanical keyboard worth the investment?

by Canyon Phil on Aug 11, 2023

If they can find you in front of your rig more often than outdoors, you know the importance of a reliable all-around keyboard. But run-of-the-mill peripherals can’t fulfill all your needs. So, if you want something molded to your preferences, a custom mechanical keyboard perfectly fits the description.


A personalized mechanical creation comes with precision and performance that surpass traditional rubber-dome keyboards. But is it truly worth the investment? Let’s dive into the details to see if it lives up to the hype.

What are custom mechanical keyboards and what makes them popular?

The secret of their popularity lies in design and functionality. Unlike their biggest competitor – rubber-dome (a.k.a. membrane) keyboards – each key in a custom mechanical keyboard is connected with a mechanical switch. This means that each press is more responsive and accurate.


On the other hand, rubber-dome keyboards might feel bumpy because of their rubber components. This creates an unnecessary feedback obstacle.


Now, let’s take a closer look at the functionality a mechanical keyboard brings to the table.

Tactile experience

You can customize mechanical keyboards to your heart’s content, including the sound of typing – or, rather, its absence. With various stabilizers and switches, you can get that smooth feeling that makes the keyboard feel like a part of your hands.


Remember that rattling sound of cheap setups? With custom mechanical keyboards, you don’t have to tolerate another headache listening to that annoying cacophony for hours. Tactile and sensitive gamers will sigh with relief once they get one of the creations personalized for their sessions.

Custom mechanical keyboards are versatile and function more accurately than rubber-dome keyboards

Adjustable design

Custom mechanical keyboards are like Legos that you can transform on a whim. Want to jazz up the feel? Swap out its switches. Craving a different sound? Mix and match keycaps, foam layers, and cases. That’s what makes these keyboards so irresistible. You can literally define how easy, enjoyable, and convenient your typing will be.


Do not gloss over the looks. The peripherals you use every day make it easier to get through hours of gaming or tasks when you’re pleased to look at them. To this end, custom mechanical keyboards pack a crazy amount of versatility and give you that sense of uniqueness, knowing your keyboard is one-of-a-kind. You can choose different colors for keycaps that ooze your personality or find snazzy cases to make your keyboard the centerpiece of your setup.

Configuration features

That’s perhaps the best part: you can program a custom mechanical keyboard to change what each key corresponds to. If there are keys you never use, why not replace or ditch them altogether? Pausing videos, switching layouts, starting your frequently used programs – you can make your keyboard obey any of your commands.

This should definitely be on your radar when you switch to a 65% keyboard. You can configure some keys to the features exclusive to a full-size keyboard, so your mini-option doesn’t minimize your capabilities.

Custom mechanical keyboards and Dareu

Customized mechanical keyboards are worth every penny spent. If you want to get your hands on one of the awesome creations and tailor it to your liking, Dareu has a killer selection that won’t make you break the bank. Tri-mode, hot-swappable, wireless, purple, pink, black – you name it.

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