A980 8K Gamer

Fast transmission, stable movement, accurate positioning A980 high level gaming mouse with RGB lighting 8KHz return rate color display, for pro gamer.
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Product description
  •  High-performance optical sensor, adopt P3395 26K DPI 650IPS high-performance optical sensor
  •  with excellent precision to capture the slightest mouse movements. Accurate synchronization to the computer pointer without a frame loss enables precise control in the game.
  • The mouse is equipped with a 0.85 inch TFT color display, can display static pictures
    Dynamic pictures and other functions, accurate image color, and fine and pleasant picture quality. Clear details can be seen. (Can be replaced in the driver animation)
  • A980 adopts 80 million times optical micro-movement. New tuning according to the habits of professional players, so that the micro-action feedback feels crisper. And the optical micro-action compared to mechanical micro-action response speed is faster and more durable.
  • Our second generation of KBS (Key Balance System), further optimizes the structure of the left and right keys. Built-in POM shaft device and balance spring. Solve the empty stroke of the key and realize the all-around dead angle trigger of the left and right keys.
  • A980 offers an 8000Hz return rate, increasing the transmission rate of the mouse by 8 times. The transmission speed is increased from 1 ms to 0.125 ms. Makes mouse movement smoother and more precise (High refresh rate monitor can better reflect the effect of 8000Hz return rate).